the wind

my summer classes started earlier today and i already have much to do. i may not give you poems on daily basis, as per usual. but for now, here is one for today.

it rolls through the tall grass
whispers in between
and carries itself swiftly and harshly,
a delicate touch but with caution
there is not telling, how far this field runs
emptiness this vast
slices through my thoughts
and i become one with the leaves in the wind;
serene, at least

- the wind

©️Sara Kassim

suspended time

wide highways and bridges
as the last sunset glow washes over the city
fluorescent street lights and streetcar traffic blur,
as if the time were suspended
the same places but not the same people,
we will never be the same
a forever glint in our eyes
of hoping to leave
but never being able to
a cycle of never giving in
the numb of settling
pulling the seat belt over
a deep sigh, as it comes over us
we get in the car to escape in this momentarily suspension
but our minds are still driving trying to solve our issues

- suspended time

©️Sara Kassim